Information on overseas shipment

All products can be shipped overseas.
You can choose to pay,credit card or PayPal.
You can not order the item displayed SOLD OUT』.
  • item number 
  • size 
  • quantity 
  • country 
  • street address
  • name
  • payment method
please send to this E-mail.

We will let you know the total amount including the shipping amount.
After that you confirm the amount,We'll send the URL for your own page.
Please make your approval complete within 3 days from the date of sending URL.
Or you'll be not able to purchase as there is a time limit for the URL.
We'll ship your order once we confirm payment.
After the shipping,we'll let you know the trucking number.

* We use EMS generally for shipping.

* We can not accept your cancel,return,refund,exchange items at all.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.